Carol Frank



I take my inspiration from nature. I started taking photos in my twenties and continued to do so during trips I’ve taken with my husband. Today I use photography to remind me of what I want to use in my art– specifically in collage—a beautiful sunset, clouds, snow on branches, close-ups of flowers, tree bark and reflections in water. Photography showed me how to compose a picture. I’m also fascinated by man-made things in natural settings—beautiful pots in a garden, flowers in front of a doorway or along a fence, or beautiful pots on a windowsill.

Now I’m working in a variety of media, sometime combining them in collages using my own painted papers, prints and copies of art work that I’ve made over the years.


  • Will Library, Riverfront Library, Yonkers, N.Y., Bronxville Library, Creations
  • OSA, Riverdale Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture, The Pelham Art Center, The
  • Y at Riverdale, Wave Hill.
  • Art Studies:
  • The School of Visual Arts, The New York Botanical Garden, Wave Hill, The
  • Pelham Art Center, Westchester Art Center.