Laraine Pearson

Art allows me to communicate in ways spoken language cannot; positing ideas, entertaining or provoking with subtlety. Although I draw and paint to satisfy my own desire to become intimate with the subject, I have the viewer in mind—particularly when I want to share a humorous idea. Playfulness is a strong facet of my personality, so using humor is often a component of my work. My images can be direct, metaphorical, playful or interpretive.

Each canvas presents me with an adventure; a commitment to go wherever is necessary to reach completion. In my life, and consequently in my art, I explore barriers. In painting I experiment colors, textures, temperatures and shapes. I no sooner complete one canvas, than I am eager to try a different style, material or method on another. Here is where being a beginner is a great advantage. Learning to paint as an adult freed me from the doubt and self-criticism that is inevitable in youth.

I have always felt akin with the natural world, and it informs much of my work. I find, too, that I’m drawn to seeking and presenting the nature of my subject, whether it be the nature of child’s play, of a piece of music, or the soul of the subject in a portrait.

From an early age, art was a refuge. It was a place where I could find comfort and compatibility—“yes, I see that too.” I aspire for my work to bring these qualities to others.