Ruth Licht



At a young age I found that creating with my hands was a satisfying endeavor. My father, although not formally trained, had an artist’s eye. He encouraged me and my sisters to draw what we saw around us. As a youngster many Sundays were spent walking in Manhattan where he pointed out the various architectural features of some of Manhattan’s iconic buildings. Although we had a small home library it included several art books.

My artistic awareness was amplified in Junior High School when I was in its “Special Art” program for talented students. I was privileged to have a look into a world different from my own. My art teacher, Ms Arnova, invited the special art students to her home. There I saw my teacher’s canvasses covering her walls. Trips to the museum ensued. I was not an art major in college, but took art classes on an on-going basis. Over the years I studied watercolor painting at the Botanical Garden and at various workshops in the tri-state area. Currently I study sculpture with a local artist, Harriet Belag. I’m mesmerized by the feel of the clay. Turning a ball of clay into a sculpture is exhilarating. Each week I look forward to the time I spend in the studio. It is truly “me” time.

Ruth Resnick Licht